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Our Patent and Innovation area is recognized in the market for having highly qualified professionals, including lawyers, engineers, chemists, biologists and architects, specialized in seeking and obtaining the best protection for innovation, both foreign and domestic. We assist Chilean companies that generate their own innovation, educating and collaborating with them in a close way. We seek to identify for them their patenting potential in Chile and then send it abroad.

Although Alessandri’s commitment to innovation is long-standing, its vision for the future of R&D is very revealing, as it considers that it cannot act as a mere agency, but must provide a global vision of how to protect innovation.

Without leaving aside its important foreign clients, in recent years Alessandri has been focused on national innovation, counting on the trust of both the most important domestic companies and start-ups that are just taking their first steps in our country, contributing to the importance of Chile as an innovation pole in Latin America.

In relation to universities, Alessandri provides support with the evaluation of the merit of a potential patent of a university project, performs analysis on the state of the art and collaborates with the drafting of a patent born in a laboratory, school or as a result of the research of academics and/or students. The challenge of Alessandri’s Innovation and Patenting area is to contribute to the relationship between private companies and universities to become more widespread. To demolish academic fears regarding directed patenting. To generate awareness in our companies regarding their own innovation capabilities. Why bring in foreign models that are not always replicable? It is much more stimulating and cheaper to create from national capacity.

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