/ Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Reorganization

Since the enactment of Law No. 20,720 in 2014, which replaced the bankruptcy regime with a reorganization and bankruptcy law of companies and individuals, Alessandri Abogados has participated in advising various companies in out-of-court negotiations, liquidations and reorganizations.

Our team has participated in such proceedings representing a wide range of creditors, from unsecured to secured creditors. We have also represented debtor companies and other stakeholders.

In addition to the representation of senior creditors and debtor corporations, part of the Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Reorganization practice area actively participates as speakers in different instances, giving an account of the main elements of bankruptcy proceedings.


Relevant experience:

  • Representation as creditor of a multinational construction machinery and equipment company for an amount of over US$ 5 million.
  • Representation as creditor of a major manufacturer of children’s articles.
  • Representation as debtor of a medical supplies company.

/ Area services

Judicial and out-of-court advice to individuals and legal entities.
Judicial representation in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings.
Exercise of actions for cancellation and cross-border bankruptcy.

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