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/ Constitution Committee: Macarena Gatica was invited to speak on the Personal Data Bill

Macarena Gatica, partner of Alessandri, was one of those invited to speak on the bill that “Regulates the protection and processing of personal data and creates the Personal Data Protection […]


/ Constitutional Convention approves a personal data protection regulation

The first paragraph of the article on personal data of the second report of the committee on knowledge systems, cultures, science, technology, arts and heritages was approved.   Maria Ignacia […]


/ Personal data protection and consumption

Sernac’s analysis causes concern because it is unaware of the benefits that the use of artificial intelligence and data processing can generate for consumers. Overprotection limits the freedom of consumers […]

Local Press

/ Bill on cybersecurity enters parliamentary procedure

On the last day of President Piñera’s administration, the framework bill on cybersecurity and infrastructure was presented. This initiative aims to establish the necessary institutional framework to strengthen cybersecurity and […]

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/ Alessandri hosted PRE-INTA Reception 2022

As in previous years, Alessandri hosted the Pre-INTA Reception in Chile. This cocktail reception was organized by Alessandri and the International Trademark Association to network and discuss intellectual property.   [...]
Legal Publications

/ Bill establishing rules on cybercrime is approved

On March 22, the bill 12,192-95 was approved, which complies with the obligations acquired by Chile when ratifying the Budapest Convention, modifying different legal bodies.   Macarena Gatica L. Partner […]

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