/ Copyright, Entertainment and Sports Law

Alessandri has the largest practice area of copyright, entertainment and sports in the country.

We offer local and international legal advice, through a robust network of correspondents, to different players in the creative and entertainment industry.

We have extensive experience protecting and adding value to our clients’ intellectual property assets. Our services are highly valued by musicians, artists and authors, audiovisual producers and distributors, television channels, digital content creators, event producers, advertising agencies, influencers, brand ambassadors, models, actors and actresses, among others.

/ Area services

Counselling in the representation of leading record companies, cable television companies and film production companies.
Licenses for use of music in movies and television, and music performing rights.
Legal representation of literary authors, filmmakers, composers, editors, photographers, interpreters, painters, etc. in litigation of authorship delimitations.
Preparation of contracts for the development, distribution, sale, assignment and rights of works.
Advice, registration and protection for intellectual property rights.
Legal advice and legal defense of intellectual property and copyright.
Anti-piracy campaigns.
Comprehensive advice to national and foreign models, influencers and players throughout their career.
Advice to local and foreign artists regarding finances, taxes, legal affairs and image management.
Negotiation and preparation of representation contracts and licenses.
Contractual advice to managers.
Defense of issues related to image rights.

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