/ Trademarks, Advertising Regulation and Unfair Competition

Trademarks are one of the most important intangible assets in today’s economic activity, and their protection is of vital importance in a competitive environment.

Alessandri’s team of lawyers and paralegals has extensive experience in Chile and abroad to advise our clients in the adequate protection of their trademark assets, supporting them from its creation. We have qualified and creative professionals with a technical support that allows us to define and implement strategies appropriate to the client’s needs, using the tools and systems provided by international treaties on intellectual property.


Why register your trademark?

  • It is the best identifier:

It allows consumers to correctly identify products and services by linking them in the market with their origin and quality standard.

  • Effective tool against piracy:

Prevents the registration of the trademark by your competitor and its use on products and services of a different origin.

  • Benefits in the real and digital world:

Benefits of trademarks are replicated in the digital world as well.

  • Markets of interest:

In an open and globalized economy, it is relevant that your trademark is protected in all your target markets.


Our lawyers are qualified to provide the following services, taking into account the rules of unfair competition and the rules that regulate the advertising activity, and to provide advice in relation to conflicts that may arise in these areas.

/ Area services

Performing trademark registration feasibility reports.
Representing our clients in the filing and procedures of trademark registrations, transfers and annotations of registrations.
Development of strategies and representation in opposition and nullity lawsuits before trademark authorities, as well as in enforcement actions before the ordinary courts of justice.
Advice in the negotiation and drafting of licensing, purchase and sale and other agreements related to trademarks.
Surveillance of local and foreign trademarks

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