/ Invention patents

The technological development of products and production processes is one of the key activities that companies must carry out in order to satisfy an increasingly competitive market.  The human and economic efforts to carry out R&D&I projects must be adequately protected.  Hence, patents provide an adequate, exclusive and excluding protection framework for the exploitation of an invention.

Alessandri, through its team of professionals, supports companies in their R&D&I projects, carrying out patentability evaluations through state of the art searches, with an analysis of novelty and inventive step, these last two basic requirements to obtain a patent.  In the event that the subject matter of the project is patentable, we work together with the client to prepare the best technical document that describes and protects the invention.

In addition to state of the art searches and patent drafting, we assist the client throughout the process of processing the application, especially, presenting defenses of novelty and inventive step, in the event that the expert reports issued by the National Institute of Industrial Property are unfavorable.  This support is provided until the final objective is achieved, which is the granting of the patent, for 20 years counted from the date of the application.