/ Administrative Law

Our team is composed of expert lawyers who combine different professional experiences and specific areas of knowledge. In addition, it has a proven ability to meet the needs of diverse clients, both in highly regulated markets and in those that are indirectly challenged by the intervention of the authority. The former include companies in the pharmaceutical, education, food, entertainment, healthcare providers and suppliers, and insurance companies, among others.

We live in an increasingly regulated world with more complex corporate risks, so the relationship with the authority and the reputation that comes from doing things in accordance with current regulations is of vital importance. Faced with this scenario, as a team we are committed to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients, with a strategic vision and in line with current times.

/ Area services

Legal structuring of projects for public entities.
Preparation of preliminary studies, specifications, terms of reference and contracts.
Advice on the process of assessment and preliminary assessment of bids submitted to public entities.
Legal advice to participants and interested parties in public contracting processes.
Advice to individuals on the process of preparation, drafting and submission of bids to public entities that carry out objective selection processes.
Advice to public entities and individuals on the process of awarding, execution, performance, termination and liquidation of contracts with the government.
Representation in actions brought before public entities in governmental proceedings and actions in contentious-administrative proceedings.
Advice to public entities in restructuring processes and disposal of assets.

/ Area team