/ Law of the opening act goes into effect in Chile with fines of up to 100 monthly tax units

24 April, 2020

On February 17, 2020, after over ten years in Congress, Law 21.205 has come into force, thus reforming Law 19.928 on the promotion of Chilean music.

Jaime Urzúa

Associate Alessandri


Known as the “opening act law”, this new law establishes the meaning of concerts and musical events of a massive nature, which are defined as “those which plan to gather more than six hundred people from the public in a place with the capacity and infrastructure for this end, excluding festivals and celebrations carried out by a municipality.”

The great novelty of this law is that in order to be exempt from local tax, concerts performed by foreign artists must include the participation of at least one Chilean opening act.

Likewise, it imposes a series of requirements on the production companies organizing such events, including:

– The presale of tickets aimed at an exclusive or preferential public will be limited to a maximum of 50 percent of the total number of tickets available for sale.

– The venue where the event or concert takes place must have spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

– The mentioned companies will be responsible for the cleaning that must be carried out after the show has taken place.

In case these requirements are not met, the fines established by this law range from 50 to 100 monthly tax units (about USD 2.900 to 5.800 at the current exchange rate).