/ Keys to reduce the risk of a cyberattack: preventing today

5 September, 2019

Training employees, developing information security policies and protocols, and creating internal committees made up of members from all areas of the company are some concrete measures to reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

The damage caused by a cyberattack in a company goes beyond the exposure of databases and personal data of third parties. Personal data is an asset, so its irregular treatment can cause, in addition to pecuniary damages resulting from the sanctions established in the bill amending the current Law 19,628, irreparable reputational damage and even the destruction of the company or organization. The current problem in Chile is the lack of awareness of this issue. “The attacks will inevitably occur. They are unavoidable,” says Roberto Hecker, commercial and technology director at NextVision Madrid. And, he adds, “the key is to detect them before they spread and wreak havoc”.

Both the public and private sectors must be aware that it is not necessary to enact a law to start taking measures in the company that will protect us from cyberattacks. In the same sense, it is not necessary to suffer a cyberattack to give urgent character to the development of policies and measures such as protocols and contingency plans. Security policies are necessary not because they eliminate the problem, but because they lessen it, and help in the recovery from such attacks.

Given that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and with it also the risks of being affected by a cyberattack, we cannot stand idly by. It is necessary to raise awareness about the reality of this risk, about the problems it entails, and generate preventive systems against these cyberattacks, for the development of a resilient system such as, for example, training employees, creating policies and protocols for information security, and creating internal security committees composed of members of all areas of the company or organization, among others.

José Francisco Silva
Associate Attorney Alessandri