/ Chile: first authority for the deposit of microorganisms in Latin America

20 May, 2013

Santiago, May 2013. Within the framework of the Budapest Treaty, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) designated Chile as the first international authority for the deposit of microorganisms in the Latin America region.

The national institution in charge of this work is the Agricultural Research Institute (INIA), through its operative unit called “Colección Chilean de Recursos Genéticos Microbianos” (CChRGM).

This designation, both for our country and the Latin America region, means an important enhancement of the scientific innovation in Chile and in the region, which surely will facilitate the patenting of such matters, since it introduces the potential inventions to the patent system from the same country, and so reduces the number of deposits to be performed in all the countries where the protection is pursued.

It is important to point out that this designation inserts Chile into a selected group of 38 international deposit authorities, in charge of the storing of microorganisms for patenting purposes.

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