/ Trademark surveillance: how to protect your brand and why it is necessary?

28 November, 2017

In a globalized world the companies must not only maintain the quality of their products or services, also they have to invest in the protection of their intellectual assets. An adequate strategy in the management of intellectual property is vital to make a difference.

How are these assets protected?

Not only by registering in markets where they are commercially exploited, but also through custody, using robust global surveillance systems. Some of the advantages are the appropiate presentation of possible oppositions and the visualization, behavior and new markets to which competitors are accessing, among others.

An appropiate surveillance system also allows to avoid inconveniences when entering a new market. In case that a competing company has advanced in the application of a trademark in that country or market, the surveillance system will send the prior warning, and will allow taking all necessary actions in accordance with the national legislations where this situation is verified.

How does a global surveillance system work?

The trademark that you want to monitor is incorporated into a software that is fed daily with all the publications that are made by the different brand offices in the world. In this way the owner of the brand remains alert to present possible oppositions and also to have a global view of the activities carried out by the competition. The cost for this service is an anual fee, with the possibility of accessing discounts according to the number of brands/class. When requesting this service, the owner of the trademarks will periodically receive timely and relevant information regarding their trademarks in the world; updated and previously analyzed by our experts, in order to avoid raising alerts for your business that do not deserve your attention.