/ Chilean Fruit industry launches Sectorial Trademark With the counseling of Alessandri

February 9, 2012

The Association of Chile’s Exporters, also known as Asoex, and ProChile (Export Promotion Bureau of the Chilean Government) along with the legal counsel of Alessandri & Compañía, officially launched their Chilean Fruit industry Sectorial Trademarks; being the star trademark – Fruits from Chile.

Twelve brands with their respective logos, which differ in color and design depending of the fruit it refers to, grapes, pears, plums, cherries, blueberries, peaches, lemons, among others, were introduced by Asoex to the country.

With the creation and registration of these trademarks, Asoex and ProChile, seek the international positioning of Chiles’ fruit produce and in turn contribute to the construction of Chile’s image abroad. This type of project seeks to position the fruit sector at a generic level, regardless of who produces the fruit, by promoting the image, quality and value of Chilean fruit.

With the counseling of Alessandri & Compañía, the above referenced trademarks were strategically protected as both, a goods and service mark, and in the near future will seek the protection of the same as certification marks, which will grant these new brand products with a high degree of representativeness, not only by strengthening the process of internationalization of domestic SMEs but by contributing to the construction of Chile’s image abroad and providing further guarantee of the quality of the fruits exported worldwide.