/ Alessandri will be at INTA Annual Meeting in Boston 2019

23 April, 2019

Meet our team! Alessandri will attend to INTA Annual Meeting in Boston, 2019.



On Monday 20th, at 10.15 am Rodrigo Velasco A. will participate as a speaker in The Regional Update: Online Advertising—Hot Topics in Latin America

Join us for an interactive discussion on the practical aspects of online advertising, one of the most important, creative, and challenging forms to advertise your products and services. Speakers will share their insight on what they think lawyers need to know about digital advertising, covering topics from data protection to the impacts of digital advertising while answering the following questions:

When considering advertising made by digital influencers, including regulated products, such as tobacco and alcohol, what kind of consequences are there and what are the measures and precautions that trademark owners have to take into account, including advertising to minors?

How do local authorities/agencies treat advertising by digital influencers and what are the rules and recommendations made by such agencies? What can companies do when advertising is—and is not—authorized?

When trademark owners want to contract a digital influencer, what kind of measures, precautions, and agreements do they need to follow? How does data protection impact advertisers?

What are other forms of online advertising and how do authorities and courts interpret them?


Tatiana Campello, Demarest Advogados (Brazil)


Rodrigo Velasco-Alessandri, Alessandri (Chile)

Gustavo Giay, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal (Argentina)

Alejandro Gonzalez Rossi, Gonzalez Rossi & Asociados S.C. (Mexico)