/ Alessandri participates in seminar on the Chilean Industrial Property Law reform

26 April, 2019

In a seminar organized by the Universidad Andrés Bello Law School, senior associate of Alessandri Francesca Rodríguez and a panel of experts analyzed the amendments proposed by the new regulations, recently approved by the Chilean House of Representatives.

The objective of the meeting was to expose and analyze the relevance of the amendments to this regulation. Carolina Schiele, Dean of the Universidad Andrés Bello Law School and Alessandri’s of counsel, pointed out that “the idea of ​​using commercial brands arises from the need to differentiate products manufactured in series almost identical to each other. The bill establishes the protection of new types, including olfactory and three-dimensional marks, and a new regulation of collective and certification marks. ”

Also, the dean added that the regulation contemplates the expiration of trademark due to lack of use and changes in provisional patents, ensuring that all these reasons motivated the realization of this seminar, generating an instance of dialogue and review of future regulations in the matter.

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Source: Universidad Andrés Bello