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Chilean national customs services develop new anti counterfeiting tools

As part of the National Customs Service ongoing efforts to improve their fight against counterfeit market, this agency has developed and is almost ready to launch a new centralized trademark software to handle the boarder measures regarding ex-officio seizures of counterfeit goods detected during their inspections of shipments.

The platform’s name “Sistema de Administración de Marcas (SAM)”, translates into “Trademark Administration System”, and is intended to centralize and standardize their processes. This platform will have a double consequence for trademark holders: It will systematize the trademark recordals from the Custom’s database, and provide a new platform to submit these recordals, and in contrast, it will be the automatic source of information for their inspectors to consult at the moment of the inspection. This function has a huge impact on the importance of recording trademarks before the Customs Office, as this will be the source of information to detect and send their notices to the right holder’s representatives in the Country. The second effect has to do with certainty and accuracy of their notices, as the platform will automatically generate the notices to be sent to the right holders, thus standardizing their notices format, content, deadlines and other criteria, that today depend on each individual regional office.

We are also at your disposal in case you want to learn more about other features available for patents, designs and copyrights.

In light of the imminent launching of this new system, Alessandri has decided to offer their clients the recordal of their trademarks before the Customs office, free of charge, until October the 31st, 2017, in order to update the Customs database and be prepared to receive the Customs anti-counterfeiting notices with no inconvenient once the new system goes live.

If your intention is to use this limited time offer, or if additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contacting us at your earliest convenience at enforcement@alessandri.cl.

NEWSLETTER / 29 August 2017

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