/ Women in Chilean innovation and creation in 2023

April 21, 2023

To celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, WIPO proposes to highlight professional women who contribute to the development of this creative industry. This 2023 we celebrate the innovation of creators such as Yael Meyer, Vivian Lavín, Andrea Curumilla, among others.


Laura Hernández Bethermyt
Associate Attorney
Alessandri Abogados

This April 26, 2023, in commemoration of the World Intellectual Property Day , the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) pays tribute to innovative, creative and entrepreneurial women with the central theme “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity” . To celebrate women in the field, it has highlighted several women leaders in diverse areas, as diverse as Intellectual Property. These women have made a difference with developments and projects that are representative and innovative.

With the mission of reducing industrial and polluting gases on the planet, as well as promoting sustainable development and avoiding the impacts of climate change, Andrea Irarrázaval has worked to implement first class technology in biofuel products. The founder of Clean Energy ESB developed a patented microalgae carbon capture system that generates oxygen, cleans water and produces biomass.


In a totally different field, Yael Meyer’s career in music is noteworthy, with a presence in major festivals, songs that have been part of television series, advertising campaigns and films, as well as her successful work in music supervision, music licensing and authorizations under KLI Records . The artist has built a global projection for a whole generation of South American music artists and managers.



Authors and literary publishers are recognized and represented by the work that Vivian Lavín Almazán has sustained over time. Her presence in the field of culture has been highlighted on numerous occasions by the Society of Writers of Chile, the Chilean Chamber of Books, the Society for the Rights of Letters , among others.



On the other hand, innovation is one of the words that describes Marcela Carvajal Tocornal’s work in the Region. Her contribution to science and technology, linked to the agricultural sector, makes her the holder of patents and applications for inventions related to the development of bio-inputs and natural products in this area. Agroecological agriculture owes much to this professional and her contributions in this area.



Finally, the work of Andrea Curumilla Curiñán should be highlighted, as her innovative projects have led to the development of innovative products in the market. Andrea joined the Important System of World Agricultural Heritage with the Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property, and is a participant in the SIPAM Chiloé Certification Mark .

All these examples of successful and innovative creators confirm that there are more and more women with presence in different scenarios, bringing a different vision to the challenges we face, standing out in every step we take.