/ Warning: do not fall for phishing

April 25, 2016

Every once in a while new imposter’s emerge and try phishing, under the identity of the Trademark offices such as the National Institute of Industrial Property – INAPI as well as other jurisdictions.
Those that Phish present themselves as official entities and use that image to send communications directly to the right holders of Trademarks and Patents, with real and official information obtained directly from the same official offices and with this, request instructions and funds which are not used towards their registrations and therefore lost.
INAPI, well aware of this current situation, has issued an official communication informing that they do not have relationships with any companies nor individuals that provide prosecution services or management of industrial property that could be interpreted as information sent directly from them. Nor do they register, sponsor or support those that practice the trade of applications of the registration of industrial property rights on behalf of others.
In the event that you are contacted by any company phishing on behalf of INAPI or another office of Trademark or Patent, please contact us in order to assist you and avoid losing your registration.