/ Uber law and advent of technological platforms

November 29, 2017

Recently one of the legislative initiatives that has generated the most a stir, is bulletin 10937-15, which modernizes the legislation on paid passenger transport, better known as the Uber Law.

The importance of this modification to General Transportation Law is that, it would be one of the first regulatory items in our country that would expressly refer to the advent of technological platforms as a means of contracting products and services.

In particular, the initiative seeks to establish operating conditions for technology platforms, establish those who engage in bad behaviors that undermine the trust of users, and encourage the incorporation of technologies in paid passenger transport services, which improve quality of the services and provide more information to the authorities on displacements, in order to implement mobility policies adapted to reality.

In this sense, is clear the objective of the project, in such a way that rather than prohibit the existence of digital applications, which mediate in the contracting of passenger services, it seeks to regulate the way in which these platforms can operate, establishing both with respect to the vehicles that can offer these services, as a value per kilometer traveled, in order to rationalize the negative externalities arising from the operation of said platforms, and particularly, road congestion.

Also, the initiative seeks to establish sanctions, for operators of technological platforms that violate the imposed conditions, as drivers and owners of vehicles, and establish a fund for the modernization of passenger transport, which will come precisely from the income obtained through technological platforms.

Beyond the particular importance of this project, to regulate a service that in a few years has become enormously popular in our country, the Uber Law will undoubtedly serve as a model for all the regulations that will be carried out in the future regarding services rendered through technological platforms, having an importance that we can perceive, go further specific purposes.