/ Trademarks and patents registered by women increased in 2020

April 23, 2021

Although the pandemic has meant a setback in female labor participation in Chile, INAPI studies show that the use of intellectual property protection tools increased significantly among women last year.

Carla Pacheco
Alessandri Senior Associate

The consequences of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly impacted the labor force. However, when considering the low female labor participation, these effects deepen and it is possible to state that the impact was even greater on women’s employment. (INE, Gender and Employment: Impact of the Economic Crisis by Covid-19).

Despite this, two studies by the Chilean industrial property agency (INAPI) show that the pandemic, in addition to accelerating the procedure of the Short Law and Chile’s entry into the Madrid System, has also empowered women to register more trademarks and patents, and thus legally protect their intellectual property.

Women inventors in patent registration

The Gender Report on Patents, published by INAPI in November 2020, revealed that Chile surpassed the world average of female inventors by three percentage points. Globally, the proportion of female inventors during 2019 reached 19% in PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) invention patent applications. In the case of our country, female inventors during the same period reached 22%.

In domestic applications, the technological areas with the highest proportion of women in relation to the total number of inventors (men and women) are pharmaceuticals with 38.8%, biotechnology with 38.3% and food chemistry with 36.7%. 67% of the women inventors come from universities with innovations linked to these areas.

It was also concluded that women inventors who do not work at a university do so mainly in the private sector, either as individuals (12%), SMEs (7.4%), micro-enterprises (5.6%), large companies (5.3%) and non-sales companies (1.95).

Trademark registration by women: historic increase

In March 2021 INAPI released the Gender Report on trademarks. The report evidences the historic rise in trademark applications filed by women during 2020: 101% compared to 2019 (increased by 3,861 applications compared to the previous year).

The study also highlights that, within the ten most requested classes of the Nice classifier of goods and services, there are three classes in which the number of female applicants exceeds the number of male applicants. Class 44, which includes medical and veterinary services; class 3, which includes cosmetic products; and class 25, clothing and footwear.
The report states that 45% of the classes applied for by women are concentrated in five classes, the most important being class 35 (business management) and 41 (entertainment services).

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Read Gender Report, Invention Patents, INAPI.
Read Gender Report, Trademarks, INAPI.