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Our firm is characterized by its commitment to its clients and its professionals of excellence. Alessandri’s lawyers serve as university professors and write for specialized publications. Most of Alessandri’s attorneys are members of international lawyer organizations, including, among others, the most important lawyers associations, business, industrial and intellectual property protection organizations and bilateral chambers of commerce. Alessandri has had a long-standing relationship with major international law firms and financial institutions around the world where a considerable number of its professionals have worked.

Alessandri’s Corporate Practice has extensive experience in banking, finance, and investments, business privatizations, mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure, real estate and construction, government procurement and public law, litigation, amongst others.

Banking, finance, and investments have been one of the firm’s leading practices for over 20 years. In fact, Alessandri played a decisive role in the enactment of the rules allowing to list ADR’s in Wall Street for Chilean corporations and, more recently, in the first registration of a foreign mutual fund for a tender offer in Chile.

Alessandri’s Intellectual Property Practice is one of the largest and most prestigious practice’s in the country; its clients include major corporations and institutions, both local and foreign. The practice bases its prestige on it’s highly qualified team of lawyers and advisors with different specialization, some of which have played a decisive role in framing Intellectual Property legislation in Chile.

The firm represents multinational companies, local and foreign state-owned and private companies, banks and financial institutions, telecommunications companies, the media, and insurers, among others.

Key values

Alessandri bases its work on three solid pillars that constitute its key values: prestige, innovation, and humanity. Our track record and continuance are a reflection of our commitment; focusing on providing our clients with a first-class service and a quick and efficient response. These have been the factors that have determined the reputation and credibility of our organization, making it one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Chile.

For more than a hundred years we have provided an excellent service that today reaches a high degree of specialization in charge of almost fifty outstanding professionals. The evolution of our service has been in tune with the changing times, innovation being a fundamental factor that has allowed us to stay at the forefront of legal assistance and business management.

Professional ethics is part of the tradition of the firm. One of our partners is a member of the Council of the Chilean Bar Association. The high human value of each of the members of our team is key, as well as their clear commitment to the social development of the country. In addition, Alessandri provides probono legal advice to non-profit institutions and people with limited resources. All of this reflects the human commitment that Alessandri has made to the country and that he has consistently carried out, decade after decade.