/ Spain to invest more than 1,600 million euros to promote audiovisual industry

April 26, 2021

The aim is to position Spain as an exporter of audiovisual productions. We believe that good ideas must be replicated. Chile, with its multiple settings, biodiversity and talents, should look closely at what Spain has done.

Rodrigo Valenzuela F.
Associate Alessandri

The Spanish audiovisual industry will receive a budget injection, since its government will invest 1,603 million euros between 2021 and 2025, with the aim of increasing audiovisual productions in Spain by 30%.

The main goal of the plan is to position Spain as an exporter of audiovisual pieces and a leader in generating talent in this field. The government will encourage investment through an international platform and the creation of a business environment in the audiovisual world.

The measures will be articulated in four main axes:

  • Promotion and digitization of audiovisual activities, promotion and internationalization and attracting investment.
  • Improvement of financial and fiscal instruments.
  • Talent availability and human capital development.
  • Regulatory reforms and elimination of administrative barriers.

Although Chile developed a promotion policy, and despite the fact that the local film industry in 2019 (pre-pandemic) had a gross collection of almost $ 100 billion pesos in cinemas, audiovisual experts still consider that the support of the state is scarce and there is a lack of a clear policy for the structural development of cinema and culture at the country level. There is no doubt that the National Policy of the Audiovisual Field 2017-2022 is the correct path, but it remains the creation of clear incentives, which are intended to encourage international investment, to put Chile at the top of international audiovisual productions. As the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said: “more production, more income, more rights, more windows and more projection for our audiovisual.”