/ Probono commitment: Rodrigo Velasco joins as counselor in ChileMujeres

March 8, 2021

Rodrigo Velasco A., Alessandri partner, was recently appointed of counsel at ChileMujeres. This non-profit foundation has been working since 2015 to achieve a legal and cultural change that improves job opportunities for women in Chile. They promote public and private policies of parental co-responsibility, job adaptability, harassment-free workplaces, equal pay, selection without bias, and systematic work on gender indicators in large companies in Chile.

One of the pillars of the mission of Alessandri is the social commitment reflected in the probono work for different organizations. One of these is ChileMujeres, where the objective as a firm is to promote Chilean economic, social and cultural development through free legal advice.

“At Alessandri we have a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is why we have supported ChileMujeres since its foundation, in its mission to promote a legal and cultural change that improves labor opportunities for women in Chile, in the context of of our probono program of free legal advice to institutions such as Fundación Iguales, Fundación Complementa and various non-profit organizations in the social, educational and cultural world. Personally, I am very honored to have been summoned to join the Consultative Council of ChileMujeres, from where I hope to continue actively collaborating with the foundation, with a team of outstanding professionals from the most diverse fields”, commented our partner, Rodrigo Velasco A.

Alessandri also attended the launch of the “Home Office Manual: Legal framework and good practices”, carried out by ChileMujeres, the International Labor Organization and the Human Rights Undersecretariat, in collaboration with the Labor Undersecretariat. This manual is available free of charge on the foundation’s website.

The manual contributes to the discussion and implementation of the home office in Chile, through the analysis of the contents of Law No. 21,220 that regulates remote work and online work, of the different opinions of the Directorate of Labor and of the Superintendency of Social Security and good practices compared to other legislations. “We do not want home office to be temporary due to a pandemic. We want it to be maintained – ideally in its partial mode – because it is a tool that allows entry into the formal labor market and avoids the desertion of people who do not want to or cannot spend so many hours a day, or days of the year, outside their homes”, highlights in the foreword Francisca Jünemann, president and Co-founder of ChileMujeres.