/ Peru: healthy food Law comes into force with advertising warnings

26 June, 2019

A set of rules establishing the use of front labeling on all processed products high in sugar, sodium, saturated fat and trans fat came into force on June 17, 2019 in Peru. The modification of the Regulation of Law No. 30021 on the Promotion of Healthy Food requires compliance with the Guidelines of Advertising Warnings. These guidelines indicate that any industrialized food, which content exceeds the parameters established for sugar, sodium, saturated fat or trans fat; must have octagons printed on its packaging in accordance with technical parameters established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa). Likewise, from September 17, 2022 -39 months after entry into force of the manual-, these parameters will vary in order to reduce the amount of sodium, sugar, saturated fat and trans fat allowed. Processed products may have up to four warning advertising warnings, according to their content.

Depending on the amounts of sodium, sugar, saturated fat and trans fat allowed, the manufacturer must place a warning octagon according to the deadlines for entry into force:

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26 June 2019