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/ Description

Pedro joined Alessandri’s litigation and arbitration team in August 2021 to work on the prevention and resolution of civil and commercial conflicts.

He is especially interested in disputes related to or derived from insurance and reinsurance contracts, a subject in which he has specialized studies.

He carried out his university test report on the clauses of cooperation and control of claims in the reinsurance contract.

/ Education



Supreme Court


Diploma in Insurance Law

Universidad de los Andes


Civil Justice Diploma

Universidad de Chile

/ Laboral experience

2017 – 2018.
Intern at Alessandri Abogados.

October 2019 – January 2020.
Intern at the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of the State Defense Council.

/ Academic activities

2021 – A la fecha.
Academic Assistant in the Universidad de Chile´s team at Moot Madrid 2022, led by Professor Elina Mereminskaya.

2020 – A la fecha.
Academic Assistant of Commercial Law at Universidad de Chile, Professor Arturo Prado.

2018 – A la fecha.
Procedural Law Assistant at Universidad de Chile, Professor Marcelo Chandía.

/ Practice areas