Marketing and Communications Deputy Manager

/ Paula Pérez A.


+562 27876000


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/ Description

Paula Pérez has more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications. Since 2008 she is responsable for the marketing and communications areas of Alessandri Attorneys. She designs and implements press actions, public relations, digital content management and events.

/ Education


Master of Business Administration, MBA.

Universidad de los Andes

/ Laboral experience

2004 a 2007
Head of Communications at ComunidadMujer.

1996 – 2017
Edition and publication of corporate magazines and newsletters in Entel S.A.

/ Academic activities

2000 a 2003
Assistant to the Vice-Rector for Communications and Extension of the Pontificia Universidad Católica.

2000 – 2002
Instructor professor at the School of Journalism of Universidad Católica de Chile.