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/ Nicolás Ortiz


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/ Description

Nicolás is an attorney specialized in administrative and regulatory law, with more than eleven years of professional practice. He is dedicated to strategic legal advice on all legal matters related to educational regulation, and in general, in the practice of administrative regulatory law.

Between 2018 and 2022 he worked at the Ministry of Education, as legal advisor to the ministerial cabinet and head of the legal division of this ministry. In that position, he executed the current educational regulations in their various areas and levels of application.

/ Education


Master in Management, Evaluation and Environmental Law

Finis Terrae University


Diploma in Public Economic Law

Universidad de Chile


Diploma in Competition Law and Policies

Universidad de Chile



Supreme Court


Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences

Universidad Adolfo Adolfo Ibáñez

/ Laboral experience

2018 – 2022
Legal adviser to the Ministerial Cabinet and Head of the Legal Division, Ministry of Education, Chile.

/ Academic activities

2021 – 2022
Professor of Legal Regulation in Preschool and School Education, Pontificia Universidad Católica.