/ New domain extensions .vin and .wine

November 2, 2015

Following the launch made during 2012, of about 1,200 new extensions, ICANN continues to open the spectrum of possibilities for the registration of domain names.

The last of these releases are extensions “.wine” and “.vin” which are of particular importance to wine producers because, by the nature of these expressions, are particularly geared towards the identification of such products.

The first period for the registration of these new extensions begins on November 17, 2015, when the “Sunrise” stage begins, where they can only be registered by persons and institutions with registered trademarks, which have been previously enrolled with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

The new domain extensions offered by ICANN give an important new tool for the identification of companies and institutions on the Internet, allowing them to obtain extensions directly linked to the sector developed by a company, which facilitates their identification by Internet users, improving their recognition. provides comprehensive advice on domain names, which includes trademark registration before the Trademark Clearinghouse, for the priority given in “sunrise” periods, and the further registration of domains under these extensions.

To learn more… In 2012, ICANN, the entity managing world domain names, expanded the domain name range, creating some 1.200 new extensions, in addition to those most known at present, including .com, .org, and .net, among others.

In order to prevent third parties from registering, in bad faith, already existing trademarks prior to their launching, ICANN has created a Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), through which legitimate trademark owners will be able to register them to get priority to register trademarks under these new extensions. Costs thereof will range from US $150 to US $750, depending on the number of years a registration is made for.

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