/ Madrid System in Chile: two Alessandri clients inaugurate the international trademark

July 5, 2022

Since July 4, Chile is part of the Madrid Protocol, which allows to apply for the registration of a trademark in a centralized way. Agrosuper and Baron Philippe de Rothschild were among the first companies to use the system in our country.

In a ceremony held at Inapi’s offices, the national director Loreto Bresky presented an award to the representatives of the three trademarks that were applied for the first time under the Madrid System.

This protocol allows trademark applicants and holders to file their application for international registration in a centralized manner, as it works with a single application. It is managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and 128 countries are part of the agreement.

First companies to use the Madrid System

One of the first companies to use the protocol was the Baron Philippe de Rothschild vineyard, the same day it came into force. Another pioneering company was Agrosuper.

The role of our firm

Both Agrosuper and Baron Philippe de Rothschild are clients of Alessandri. “At Alessandri we are continuously innovating and promoting the legislative development and ratification of international intellectual property treaties. As we did at the time with the first sound mark, the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the latest reform of the Industrial Property Law, today we are proud to inaugurate the Madrid System for the international registration of trademarks, which we will continue to promote among our exporting clients, mainly in wine and food, but also in services and technological applications, which are now expanding worldwide”, said Rodrigo Velasco, partner of Alessandri Abogados.

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