/ Indecopi of Peru grants for the first time a patent via PPH to Chilean invention

March 30, 2017

On March 28, 2017, the Peruvian Patent Office (Indecopi) issued the resolution granting the patent for invention to Comercial TCPavements, the first applicant to apply to that country, on December 29, 2016, for an expedited examination of its patent, within the framework of this PPH pilot program.

This case is the first patent granted in Peru for an invention made in Chile, under an examination process that took less than 3 months, thanks to the advantages offered by the PPH pilot program.

For Comercial TCPavements, a Chilean company, innovator in the field of pavement optimization, by timely applying to the PPH pilot program at the Indecopi, based on the concession of its patent by Inapi, it was possible to shortening the costs and processing times of the patent registration in Peru, thus consolidating its patent portfolio and businesses in that country.

Francesca Rodriguez, senior patent attorney, says: “In Alessandri, we are really excited about this important PPH alternative that is consolidating strongly in the region. At first hand we have verified the good results of the pilot program and the interest of many of our clients in taking advantage of the opportunity, to advance in their path towards the timely and efficient obtaining of an invention patent, precisely for all that this means for companies Chilean companies already consolidated in our country and abroad, as Comercial TCPavements, for individual petitioners such as Mr. Grijalva, and also for large companies that require a harmonized management of their patent portfolio. As legal advisors, opportunities such as those offered by the PPH, pose interesting challenges to add value to our services and maximize the investment in patenting of our clients in the region.”