/ INAPI will incorporate a new version of Nice Classification 2019

17 January, 2019

The annual update, carried out by the Expert Committee of Nice, which aims to incorporate new products and services to adapt to the changing reality of the international market.

Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property – Inapi informs that from January 7, 2019, will begin to apply version 2019 of the 11th edition of the Classifier, contained in the Nice Agreement, regarding the International Classification of Products and Services for the Registration of Marks.

The action seeks to standardize classification practices at the international level and thus contribute to the harmonization of criteria.

Among the news contained in this new version, the incorporation of new products stands out. For example, the “wah-wah” pedals in class 9, the hydroponic culture systems in class 11, the personal transporters in class 12 and the yoga swings in class 28, among others, appear for the first time.

Meanwhile, among the new services, the services of commercial pressure groups in class 35, the services of scientific and technological research in the field of natural catastrophes in class 42 and the legal advice services on patent mapping in class are added. Four. Five.

Similarly, the modification in the wording of some products and services is considered. Also, the elimination of those that have already fallen into disuse or have been replaced by other more appropriate terms is contemplated.

In order to facilitate the use of this tool among users, INAPI is preparing a cycle of free workshops. As in previous years, the instance will allow to know in detail the functioning and changes of the Nice Classifier 2019. Dates, quotas and registration forms will be informed in a timely manner through our official communication channels.