/ INAPI progresses in online processing during the pandemic

April 23, 2021

With the arrival of teleworking, the Chilean industrial property agency successfully adapted its online platforms to facilitate and expedite trademark registration applications.

Francesca Bozzo
Alessandri Associate Attorney

Confinement due to the sanitary emergency caused by Covid-19, forced the national trademark and patent agency (INAPI), to adapt its system and implement the online modality both for its workers and for the users of its platforms. More than a year after the declaration of the State of Constitutional Exception of Catastrophe, patent and trademark procedures are running smoothly.

Currently, the online application filing platform adds other services necessary for processing not only new applications, but also contentious actions that require documents held by INAPI. Also, certified copies of files can be obtained remotely and payment systems have been integrated.

We appreciate the wide use that has been made of the action provided for in Circular Letter No. 254, which authorizes the authentication of documents through the INAPI password or Clave Única, when there is no advanced electronic signature. The requirements are that the digital document must be an integral copy of the original and must be available to be exhibited before the authority in case it is required.

In addition, a new platform of the Honorable Industrial Property Court will soon be enabled, which would add to the progress made since the beginning of the pandemic, with the conduct of its hearings through Teams platform.

With the exception of those applications suspended due to the pending opening of evidentiary terms or hearings that must necessarily be conducted in person, the operation of INAPI and the Industrial Property Court has not been interrupted. In fact, in certain cases processing times have been shorter.