/ INAPI now working totally online

24 January, 2018

As of January 8, 2018, all the applications for trademarks , invention patents, utility models, industrial drawings and designs, schemes for plotting or topographies of integrated circuits, as well as all the administrative and contentious procedures related to such Industrial Property rights before INAPI will be prosecuted through a 100% electronic processing.

This update of the institutional processes response to their own needs for optimizing the use of technology, shorten the prosecution timings and promote the institutional productivity. Additionally, this is expected to be a measure more aligned with a safer treatment of the information contained of the files, along with an eco-friendly paperless institutional goal that started in 2012, when a gradual transition to the electronic processing began. This transition has now materialized with the 100% implementation and the remarkable local advances in terms of the electronic signature and its extended acceptance in administrative and judicial procedures at national level.

This modification means a great advance in legal and docketing matters, especially benefiting the applicants of industrial rights, at least for the following reasons:

– It will not be necessary to incur expenses related to obtaining authentic or certified copies, because these documents will be guaranteed by means of electronic systems, through the advanced electronic signature.

– More expeditious, accurate and efficient processes, avoiding the loss of files or any of its parts.

– Easier and faster access to information, since the documents submitted will be digitized and immediately added to the digital file, which can be consulted