/ GDPR’s one-year figures

5 September, 2019

More than 12 months after the effective date of the European Data Protection Regulation, figures show:

  • 200,000 complaints
    • 65 thousand data breaches
    • 95,000 claims
  • 91 fines totaling 55.96 million euros
  • 20,043 requests for DPO
  • 2 out of 3 claims are resolved in favour of the data holder
  • Most common complaints due to unwanted telemarketing and video surveillance

Most significant fines:

  • 50 million euros to Google LLC. (France)
    Infringement: no valid legal basis to process personal data for advertising purposes and lack of specific and unequivocal consent.
  • Fine of 500 thousand pounds, for the case of Cambridge Analytica (UK)
    Infringement: Lack of information security, allowing third parties to access the information of more than one million English users.

Macarena Gatica
Senior Associate Alessandri