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/ IDB research identifies six most important regulatory barriers to the growth of Pacific Alliance start-ups

23 September, 2020

September, 2020.

The research launched on September 2020 was sponsored by the IDB and Alessandri Abogados drafted the Chilean chapter on technology and start-ups regulations.


Complex processes, government restrictions and high notarial fees are part of the barriers that the research Regulatory Barriers for High Impact Start-ups in the Pacific Alliance Countries identified in the financial environment in which high impact innovative start-ups operate.

The TMT team of Alessandri researched and prepared the chapter on Chile, which included field work (interviews with different actors in the Chilean business environment and government institutions), mapping of Chilean regulations, the creation of a diagnosis and the formulation of recommendations for companies.

According to Rodrigo Velasco, partner of Alessandri, the team’s mission “was to identify legal rules that are an obstacle to the expansion of Chilean businesses landing in Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Start-ups from these countries also observe Chilean regulations when they have to expand”.

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