/ Cyberspace Camp from ItechLaw: succesful seminar held at Universidad de Chile

September 1, 2015

The Cyberspace Camp program is a platform for experienced lawyers from across the world to interact with young lawyers and professionals from the Andean region, and share their insight and in-depth view on the implications of technology law and practice as it has developed in their respective jurisdictions.

The program was tailor made to address current issues facing technology law practitioners as well as make the event an interactive discussion. The program was conducted in a classroom style, with faculty encouraging active interaction from the participants.

The Cyberspace Camp is aimed not only towards young technology lawyers, corporate counsel, government officials, other professionals and law students who want to expand their knowledge, but also towards seasoned practitioners and professionals who may seek to refresh and expand their understanding of this exciting area of law, as it develops in the Andean region.

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