/ CSIRT develops dispute resolution manual for “.cl” domain names

24 April, 2020

José Silva

Associate Alessandri

As a means to strengthen and promote good practices, politics, laws, regulations, protocols and standards in cybersecurity, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) has developed a manual on domain name revocation proceedings, in order to guide those confronted with this situation.

In order to reduce the tendency of third parties registering domain names similar to those of an organization or institution, CSIRT has a new service consisting of its own development software, “La Campana”. This software monitors the creation of new “.cl” domains 24/7 in the “” portal and can detect the registration of a fraudulent domain name. However, detecting similar registries is only part of the problem, therefore CSIRT has prepared a manual which indicates step by step how to start a domain names revocation procedure with NIC Chile, as well as the main arguments involved, in order to reduce the possibilities of the commission of crimes in cyberspace.

Although this manual has been developed for officials of State Administration Bodies, it is a complete manual which indicates the procedures and principles for resolving domain names disputes, and therefore constitutes a practical guide for those who seek further knowledge and clarity on the “.cl” domain name dispute resolution system.

You can view the manual through this link (Spanish)