/ Celebrating the month of data privacy: Successful seminar on personal data protection with Chile’s Manufacturers’ Association (SOFOFA)

27 January, 2020

Over 120 people took part in the seminar “Data Protection in Chile: Challenges and Future”, organized by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and sponsored by SOFOFA and Alessandri Attorneys. This meeting took place during the celebration of the Month of Data Protection, which is celebrated all over the world during January.

Senators Felipe Harböe and Kenneth Pugh, together with the Council for Transparency advisor Marcelo Drago carried out an analysis on the main challenges for data protection in our country, as well as providing an update on the status of the draft law. Rosario Navarro, advisor of SOFOFA and director of SONDA, welcomed the participants and reviewed the history of the laws that currently regulate the use of personal data. Paulina Bardón, attorney of the law firm Claro & Cia. and co-chair of IAPP, welcomed everyone on behalf of the international trade association on privacy and personal data. The panel was moderated by Rodrigo Velasco, attorney and IP/IT director of Alessandri, and who is also co-chair of IAPP.