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New Maximum TERs for Chilean Pension Fund investments: Most actively managed liquids drop

Most actively managed liquids drop, while ETFs and alternatives such as private equity rise. Period July 1, 2022 to June 30 2023.   Felipe Cousiño Partner Alessandri On June 6, [...]

Is Chile’s leniency program under threat by the New Constitution?

The FNE, Chile’s antitrust prosecutor, thinks so. One of the proposals contained in the draft may have a direct impact on Chile’s up to know very robust and successful leniency […]


Constitutional Convention approves a personal data protection regulation

The first paragraph of the article on personal data of the second report of the committee on knowledge systems, cultures, science, technology, arts and heritages was approved.   Maria Ignacia […]


Personal data protection and consumption

Sernac’s analysis causes concern because it is unaware of the benefits that the use of artificial intelligence and data processing can generate for consumers. Overprotection limits the freedom of consumers […]

Legal Publications Newsletter

Provisional Patents

With the new industrial property law, Chile will incorporate in its legislation the institution of the provisional patent, excellent news for all local innovators. Santiago Ortúzar Partner Alessandri   In […]


Intellectual property in the digital era

Thanks to the digital era, young people are accustomed to the intellectual property rights that are present in digital platforms, which are intended to assert their merits as creatives, content […]

Local Press Newsletter

Chile officially joined the Madrid System

This milestone consolidates the integration of our country into this International Protocol for the management of trademark applications and registrations, in which 126 countries in the world already participate.   […]

Local Press Newsletter

New government stresses its commitment to the personal data bill

Giorgio Jackson, Minister of Segpres, emphasized the government’s commitment to advance the personal data bill and raise the standard of protection of this type of data in our country.   […]


CMF regulatory project on investment advisory services

Article 3 of Law No. 21,314 establishes that investment advisory services in Chile will be a regulated activity, and those who provide them on a regular basis must register in […]


New bill on online gambling platforms

On March 7, 2022, the Executive Branch submitted to the Congress a bill that Regulates the Development of Online Gambling Platforms (Bill 14838-03). In view of the growth and visibility […]