/ Arturo Alessandri interview: Chile could fall in the economic rankings

3 June, 2021

On Monday, May 31, La Segunda warned that Chile fell in the ratings that foreign businessmen look to invest in, and that it could drop even more. To delve into the subject, they interviewed expert lawyers, including Arturo Alessandri C, Alessandri’s partner who has advised international companies such as the Chinese group Joyvio, which bought Australis Seafoods in 2019.

There are numerous rankings in which investors look to know the reality of each country. As explained in La Segunda, one of the most relevant is the Index of Economic Freedom from the Heritage Foundation (USA) and the Wall Street Journal. In its last publication, Chile dropped five points, from 14 to 19.

With this situation, Arturo Alessandri stated that “foreigners look at the rankings of economic freedom, corruption, business environment and the rule of law, which when altered generate uncertainty. It is perceived as ‘changes in the rules of the game’, as happened for example with life annuities and in retirement of the 10% that affected North American companies. Is not free. This greater uncertainty will begin to be noticed ”.

Alessandri added that we must be attentive to these rankings and to the positioning of Chile in them, because “today there is fierce competition to attract investment and we had a certain distance with our neighbors that will most likely be shortened with the latest contingencies, and that will make us less attractive”.