/ Andean Cyberspace Camp Valparaiso 2017: Lawyers and Engineers debated law and technology at the USM

25 August, 2017

Artificial intelligence, intelligent contracts, challenges of technology transfer and data protection were the main topics exposed.

Valparaiso, August 21, 2017. A group of international and Chilean law and engineering experts met to discuss technology, innovation and regulatory frameworks in a successful meeting held today at Federico Santa María Technical University.

Within the framework of the Andean Cyberspace Camp workshop, almost one hundred lawyers and engineers talked about legal, social and ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence, the operation of smart contracts and the challenges of new technologies for intellectual property and law practice. In addition, they discussed the new data protection bill, with which Chile seeks to catch up and strengthen its legislation as other countries in the region have: Argentina and Colombia.

Sajai Singh, a lawyer and member of ItechLaw and Corporate Commercial Practice at JSA in Bangalore, India, exposed about artificial intelligence and the power of intelligent machines. Along with addressing issues of responsibility and ownership, he stressed the importance of the regulation of intellectual property and ensured that from the law it is possible to make a change. “Spreading knowledge about the laws that regulate technology around the world is a way of giving back from our profession. This is not a conference like the others where someone talks about an issue, this is to encourage young lawyers around the world.”

Diego Fernández, an Argentine lawyer for Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal and a board member and chairman of the ITechLaw Committee for South America, spoke on smart contracts. “They are computer codes that facilitate, verify or execute the negotiation or fulfillment of a contract, or make a contractual clause unnecessary. They usually mimic the logic of contractual clauses and aim to provide a greater degree of security than traditional contracts and reduce transaction costs.”

Andrés Castillo, general manager of the Business Incubator of the USM, explained that the challenge is to make these two great disciplines – engineering and law- work together. “Our education is very segregated and the idea of ​​this event is to be able to put them together in one place. The 3IE plays the role of generator of encounters”.

According to Jaime Silva, lawyer and director of innovation and business of Alessandri, “it is necessary to communicate and influence young lawyers, researchers and universities to take a step forward in terms of reading the times and observing the needs of the market. “Technology is the future and they must be prepared in terms of the decisions they will make and how they will be linked to law, research and technology. That’s why the link is so powerful.”

About Andean Cyberspace Camp and ItechLaw

Cyberspace Camp Andino is sponsored by ITechLaw and is held every two years in Chile, Lima, Santa Cruz and Bogota. The 2017 Chilean version was carried out in Valparaiso and was supported by the 3IE Institute, Engineering 2030, ITechLaw and Alessandri. ITechLaw is a not-for-profit organization established to inform and educate lawyers about unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing, acquisition and use of information and communications technology.