/ Alessandri Talks: Digital Trends in Chile

24 January, 2022

In this fifth episode of the Alessandri Talks podcast, our partner Rodrigo Velasco talks about technology trends and the Chilean digital agenda with two expert guests.


This episode is only available in Spanish.

Felipe Harboe is a lawyer and has a long career as a minister, deputy and senator. He currently serves as a member of the Chilean Constitutional Convention. He is known for his interest and knowledge in matters of data privacy.

Macarena Gatica is a partner at Alessandri and leader of the Technology and Cybersecurity area. She has been invited to legislative commissions in the Chilean Congress, during the processing of the bill on personal data, digital platforms, neuro-rights and the Pro-consumer Law.

Rodrigo Velasco is a partner at Alessandri and leader of the Intellectual Property area. He is on the board of the International Technology Law Association (iTechLAw). In addition, he is Vice-Chair of the Latin American Committee of this same association.