/ Alessandri joins Asipi’s “One backpack, one opportunity” campaign

February 1, 2023

As part of the Asipi Conference held in Medellin, associate Laura Hernandez, on behalf of Alessandri, delivered a contribution to the “One backpack, one opportunity” campaign.


Delivery of backpacks for the campaign.

From December 4 to 7, 2022, Asipi’s XXIII Working Days and Board of Directors Meeting was held in Medellín, Colombia. This year, the event was organized in honor of Peter Dirk Siemsen, Asipi’s founder, former president and honorary president. The program sought to expand the participants’ contact networks and covered innovative topics in the field of intellectual property.

One of the activities focused on the “One backpack, one opportunity” campaign. The project consists of donating backpacks to be given to underprivileged children and young people of school age. On this occasion, it went to the Colegio Sagrada Familia de la Aldea Pablo VI in Medellín. Laura Hernández, an Alessandri associate, delivered new backpacks for the campaign on behalf of the firm to the Social Responsibility Committee.

About Asipi

The Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (Asipi) was established in 1964. It is the first regional intellectual property organization in the Americas and is considered one of the most respected organizations globally as a promoter and defender of intellectual rights. It has more than a thousand qualified professionals from nearly 50 different countries. Asipi works together with local authorities, universities, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs, bar associations, among other entities.

About Laura Hernández B.

Laura is part of the intellectual property practice area, in charge of Alessandri’s international trademark area. She is interested in the development of society linked to the area of intellectual property, the correlation that exists with new technologies, fashion business, sports & entertainment, as well as the constant innovation and development that arise on a daily basis in the intellectual property environment.