/ Alessandri integrates Chile’s largest construction law specialist team

December 10, 2017

Santiago, December 2017. Alessandri opens a new practice area and integrates a team of ten construction law specialists from the local firm Halpern de la Fuente. Lawyers Juan Pablo Halpern (38) Arturo Pino (39) and Rodrigo Urzúa (39), will join Alessandri as partners as of January 2018, and the new practice area will cover their three areas of expertise: construction law, real estate law and dispute resolution.


Sophistication and legal specialty

The partners of Alessandri are optimistic about this new practice area. Alessandri managing partner Arturo Alessandri Cohn, said: “We integrated this particular group of lawyers because we are interested in the sophistication of the mining, energy, housing and infrastructure sectors and we want to grow by the hand of specialized and consolidated lawyers in an ever more international practice, like the legal business.”

According to Cristián Pérez, partner and general manager of Alessandri, the growth of construction projects is strategic for Chile, and goes hand in hand with economic growth, innovation and the creation of new technologies. “In Europe and the United States this practice area is highly developed and works along with other areas of expertise, such as labor law, environmental law and intellectual property, practice areas already consolidated in the firm. This growth is part of a strategy to strengthen our platform to service our clients interests and their investment decisions”, says the engineer.

Grow to compete

The new partner Juan Pablo Halpern stated: “We have been competing with the main local and global firms for years, and it became imperative to look for a platform and scale to make the investments in technology and innovation needed to provide the delivery our clients expects, as well to attract the best talents”. In that respect, Arturo Pino added that they are all familiar with Alessandri’s culture and values, and “therefore they believe the team will rapidly adapt to the new platform”.

Who are Alessandri’s new lawyers?

The ten professionals who join the firm, which has more than 50 lawyers, include partners Juan Pablo Halpern, Arturo Pino and Rodrigo Urzúa and lawyers Francisca Navarro, Joaquín Campos, Paloma Gutiérrez, Sergio Rodríguez, María Ignacia Guidobono, Freddy Ramírez and Carolina Schiele.

Relevant projects of the new team

This team has worked with several of the main construction companies in the country and advises today a mining group in an expansion project in Salamanca, a real estate company in the construction of a mega office complex in Apoquindo, and port projects in San Antonio and Lirquén.

In addition, partner Juan Pablo Halpern is currently leading the legal discussion of the Construye2025 Program, a governmental initiative that seeks to improve the productivity of the Chilean construction industry and transform it in an international benchmark.