/ Alessandri inaugurates “WIPO Proof” registration and encryption system

July 8, 2020

Just days after the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) enabled the new system, Alessandri has already made the first digital deposits for its local clients, in the context of the growing demand for technology transfer related to the health emergency because of Covid-19. The new WIPO Proof system, supplementary to the traditional trademark, patent and copyright systems promoted by WIPO, allows the online encryption and safekeeping of databases, industrial or trade secrets, know-how and intellectual works in general. Through WIPO Proof Alessandri offers its clients the possibility of making virtual deposits with a worldwide scope, encrypted and digitally stored through a blockchain system, which generates a certificate with a “fingerprint” capable of traceability and certainty with respect to the content, date, time and person or entity holding the registration.

In the opinion of Rodrigo Velasco, managing partner of Alessandri’s Technology and Intellectual Property practice area, “this is undoubtedly a powerful tool, especially in the field of so-called trade secrets such as formulas, processes, data and confidential and strategic information of innovative companies, which until now were difficult to prove in a reliable and secure way against possible violations or unauthorized leaks, given the security limitations imposed by traditional registration systems in the field of intellectual and industrial property. Blockchain-based encryption and the backing of the World Intellectual Property Organization itself provide full guarantees to holders of industrial or trade secrets, who will now be able to rely on digital certificates that will serve as reliable evidence to support actions of infringement or unfair competition in cases of industrial espionage, violation of secrets or confidentiality agreements by third parties. And also at a notably lower cost than traditional systems of patenting or registering copyright”.

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