/ Alessandri submits to Inapi the first petition to benefit from the Accelerated Patent Procedure (PPH)

December 13, 2016


The inventor Sergio Fernando Grijalva, represented by Alessandri, became the first applicant who requires an Accelerated Patent Procedure (PPH) before the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI). In this way, the user seeks to have his Chilean application benefited by an accelerated examination.

The claimed invention refers to an innovative packaging for the preservation of fruits and vegetables and its manufacturing process, which allows to preserve for a greater number of days the hydration of the products, keeping them fresh for a longer time and without the need for refrigeration, avoiding the loss of organic foods in the production chain, thus favoring the whole society.

This program known as PPH allows applicants who have obtained a favorable statement of patentability by a Previous Review Office (OEA) to benefit from the work done and request that it can be taken into account by the Subsequent Review Offices (OEP), obtaining an expedited examination of your application.

The major advantage of this program is that it accelerates the Office’s patentability examination procedure and reduces associated costs, avoiding duplicate administrative actions, searches and patent examinations in parallel by each Office.

Chile currently has Accelerated Patent Procedure (PPH) agreements with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay signed in the framework of the cooperation agreements of Alianza del Pacífico and PROSUR, for which implementation guides have been prepared which establish the requirements, conditions and procedures required by the respective Industrial Property Offices, which must be observed by the applicants to benefit from the PPH.